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K&B Transport, Inc.

AMT Power
With two divisions to serve you, Let us deliver you excellence!

Founded in 1964, with a crew of drivers, K & B Transport, Inc. ("K & B") opened its doors delivering saddle mounted truck tractors (piggybacks) as well as, military, postal vehicles to truck dealers, military bases, sea ports, post offices, all across the United States.

Over the years, K & B diversified its transportation business operating several auto terminals for Conrail and CSX Rail Roads, Delivering new Ford and GM vehicles.

For the past thirty-five (35) years, TOWAWAY has become our sole business. It was during the 1980's, growing its transportation business, K & B opened its first towaway (power only) division. Today we have three (3) towaway divisions to serve you, beginning with K & B Transport, Inc., divisions AMT Power and LAP Transport.

K & B has 50 years in the transportation industry, you will find our customer service provides you a major benefit to your business. Your customers will appreciate our hard work, strength and dedication, allowing us to deliver you excellence.