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L.A.P. Transport Billing Department

* Stacie Hoger

K & B Transport, Inc. Dispatch Team

*Rick Palmer

* Chris Taylor

* DJ Olivier

*Aaron Benson


                         * Sandy Ritchie

AMT Power- L.A.P. Transport

With three divisions to serve you, Let us deliver you excellence!

L.A.P. Transport Dispatch Team

* Linda Paszli

* Sue Brown

K & B Transport, Inc. & AMT POWER Billing Department

* Roxanne Alford

* Shanna Miller

* Ashley  Lesniewicz

K & B Transport, Inc. Safety Department

* Ron Taylor - Manager

* Jason Miller - Assistant

*Jason Taylor - Assistant

AMT POWER Dispatch Team

* Mike Alford

* Dave Ritchie

* Leanne Stahl